Trees, please! FREE iSchool science workshop Saturday

iSchool for the Future is hosting a free hands-on science workshop for children ages 8-12 at the Reston library on Saturday 8/9/2014 at 10:30am. This event has been co-sponsored by the Friends of the Reston Regional Library. Space is limited and registration is necessary.


Theme: Trees, please. They’re more than meets the eye!

In this program students will discover the importance and prevalence of trees in their lives, through a variety of unexpected angles.  Touch and feel demonstrations will showcase numerous – and surprising – products made from trees. Students will work to identify mystery tree/non-tree products. Students will learn about the importance of trees to ecosystems, air quality, and climate change. Basics on tree biology and parts of trees will be covered. Students will estimate the economic importance of trees using online and hands-on tools. Students will use leaves to make rubbings and an art collage and to discuss tree species and biodiversity.  The use of trees in self-regulating mood, such as through tree poses in yoga and trees in art and poetry will also be discussed. Students will also discuss their role in preserving trees, including minimizing use of paper and recycling. Students and parents will receive additional resources to continue their exploration at home and in their library.