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Easy, at-home science: The Weight of Water

  Freshwater – the kind we use every day – is limited. Even though our world is filled with water, most of it is salt and thus not available as freshwater.  97% of the world’s water is saltwater in the oceans and seas. 2% of the world’s water is frozen or locked deep in the […]

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iSchool Summer Camps: Never Ordinary, Always Extraordinary!

NEVER ORDINARY. Always Extraordinary. Our STEM Summer Camps are unique, fun, and educational. We offer personalized instruction and life-changing experiences. Pre-register here. 2015 Summer Camps Locations in Reston, Fairfax, and The Plains Each 2-week camp is $595. SCIENCE MAGIC: Zooming in on biology, chemistry, and the environment. Students amaze you with a magic show! June […]

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