Our Impact: Developing skills is a path to academic success and emotional maturity

“My son is smart. But he doesn’t know how to use his intelligence. He’s missing the skills he needs to use his smarts to their full potential.”

– an iSchool Parent


We help children develop the 21st Century Life Skills they need to be their best selves. We do this by explicitly teaching and developing core social and emotional skills and by creating an educational environment where children are free to learn in the way that best suits them. Our approach works! It leads to both academic improvement and emotional maturity. Our qualitative and quantitative data shows that:
We changes girls’ perceptions of STEM and themselves


We help children raise grades

A parent of a 4th grader shared that her son had gotten better grades than usual on a test. When she asked him why he thought he saw improvement in his scores, he answered that iSchool had taught him to “aim for more.” We believe this is directly connected to our 21st Century Life Skills curriculum. This shows that by focusing on skills development, children can use their smarts, intelligence, and inner genius to their full advantage.


We help children learn how to be their best selves. 


We help children learn about themselves

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What did you learn about yourself?

– I am a good builder at spacecrafts
– If I keep trying eventually I’ll get it right

– I am capable of innovating many things
– I love building
– I can do any of the experiments if I keep trying
– I am an Engineer
– I learned I have an inner genius
– I can work with a team
– It’s good to embrace failure & I’m a lot smarter than I thought!

– I learned to Never Quit

– NEVER give up when I’m doing a craft

– I learned so many things about believing in myself

– I learned to have a Growth Mindset

– I can grow my mind

– I learned that I can be helpful

– If I say YET I can do it

We create Compassionate Innovators.


We help children develop 21st Century Life Skills and grow in Emotional Intelligence.


We change attitudes about Science.


We help children unleash their inner genius.


We work with parents to help their children grow.

  • * “Thanks so much for helping shape our little builders/designers!!” – Parent, 2015
  • * “We are very happy that our daughter is learning/growing in such a supportive environment. We hope to encourage her to be with the leaders. A small and wonderful group like yours gives her more confidence. We are very grateful for your passion and love of teaching. Thank you.” – Parent, 2015
  • * “My daughter came home very excited about this activity. Did she seem to do better in the class with the methods you identified last week?” – Parent, 2015
  • * “You really helped my son demonstrate his abilities in ways that few other teachers have been able to do.” – Parent, 2014

We bring families together to learn science and math.

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