Game Design and Development (Age 11-15)

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Students work together online to design, play and share their own games. Using system thinking, creative problem solving, and storytelling, they create their own characters, stories, and worlds!

This is a hands-on tech program with the entrepreneurial focus on human-centered design, digital art, programming, and innovation. In the process, students get hands-on with the game platforms (e.g. Unity) and programming languages (e.g. C# or C-sharp). They work together in teams to unveil and present their games in front of the online audience of their family, friends and peers, at the end of the session.

Students will have access to the Google Classroom for materials and instructions for independent work outside of each class. Parents will receive a summary and the list of materials for each class, along with additional resources and ideas to help children continue their learning at home, and updates on the progress of their children. Parents and students will have access to their teacher throughout the session if they need additional help and have questions related to their classes.

  • Materials: Participants will need access to the internet and computer / laptop / chrombook / tablet with a camera.
  • 1.5 hr weekly instructor-led classes are held online - 10 classes. The link with instructions will be emailed to you upon purchase and registration.
  • Fridays, 9/18 – 11/20, 4-5:30pm
  • Age: 11-15
  • Max 10 students per class
  • Make sure to complete this Registration Form for your child after checkout.
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