Library Programs bring out-of-the box science education to broad audience

One of our goals for 2015 is to offer more free community events. They help us reach more children to engender a love of science and inspire them to be their best selves! We were happy to partner with the Great Falls Library to bring two free hands-on science workshops to children in December and January.

IMG_5227  IMG_5241

In December children were fascinated by the amazing properties of water, watching as the density and temperature of water changed the way colors swirled in test tubes. Children literally could not stay in their seats because they were so excited about the lesson. Children also had fun making explosions with the classic acid-base chemical reaction.Part of our approach is to use both mind and body and to have children think and act “out of the box.” Children used their bodies to model a water molecule, arranged themselves in a pattern to symbolize ice, and then “bounced” around the room to represent water melting and becoming a gas. Children had fun and were fully engaged in learning!

IMG_5417  IMG_5419

In January children explored geometry and patterns around them, both in the natural and man-made world. They observed and highlighted shapes around the room and learned about angles. Children cut out snowflakes following the Koch Fractal pattern (using an exclusive iSchool template) and were proud and delighted with their resulting ornaments. We also created squares and triangles out of spaghetti and marshmallows to compare angles in triangles versus squares and to learn why triangles are so sturdy. Children then put their newfound knowledge to use building spaghetti structures.


The workshops were sponsored by the Friends of the Great Falls Library. Special thanks go to our great High School volunteers! Want to bring our programs to your community? Contact Us!