STEM, Art, and Perspective Lesson – 21st Century Skills in action

iSchool for the Future is committed to providing an innovative educational experience that builds 21st Century Skills in youth. The multidisciplinary nature of life also means that our educational experiences are multidisciplinary. In a recent lesson, we combined a lesson on Perspective – an essential skill in order to have Empathy – with science and art.
Perspective1-superhero  Perspective2-superhero
The class was part of our Superheroes of Science class, in which children are working on a long-term project to design their own superhero character. So far they have made balanced clay sculptures, superhero electrical circuit robots, built superhero communication devices (satellites), and learned about supervillian mutations with Candy DNA. It has been a great way to teach STEM within a creative framework. In our recent class, we started class with a short discussion on perspective, and then illustrated the concept by drawing our Superhero characters.  First, students drew each superhero as they saw them.  Then, they redrew the superheroes as a Supervillian would see them. Not only did it illustrate the concept of different perspectives based on your vantage point, opinion, and background, but it also helped them students through some of the strengths and weaknesses of their superheroes.

Perspective3-OobleckPollock  Perspective3-OobleckPainting   Perspective5-OobleckPollockPainting
Several months ago, students completed a Biodiversity Scavenger Hunt, and the prize was art supplies to make Oobleck Art.  The weather this week was lovely, so we made our Oobleck art outside. First, we looked at a Jackson Pollock painting and discussed differences in types of art, and how your perspective changes what you see.  Each student saw something different in the painting.  The activity encouraged respect as everyone had a different interpretation of the painting. Students then mixed up individual batches of colorful oobleck (corn starch mixed with water and food coloring) and as a team made sure they had a variety of colors. They were fascinated by the oobleck, which acts simultaneously as a solid and a liquid.  We went outside and “painted” a drain cover in the style of Jackson Pollock.  The activity was itself an exercise in perspective – it encouraged children to see ordinary things in nature as a canvas for something new, and to take something they have made before (oobleck) and use it in a new way.

Perspective6-RecycleCostume   Perspective7-RecycleCostume

Back inside we continued with the perspective theme by discussing the role of “stuff” in our life, and discussing how to some materials may be seen as trash, but to others, seen as treasure. Students then set out to make their superhero costumes out of recycling. They loved it, thought outside of the box about materials, and had fun reusing, recycling, and reducing!

This combination of science, art, and 21st Century Skills is unique to iSchool for the Future. Sign up for our Summer Camps and experience our full curriculum!