November 6 Science Night Volunteers Wanted – Math, Science, and Interacting with Kids

Science Night Volunteers Wanted – Sign Up


This is a great opportunity for anyone who loves Math, Science, Engineering, Libraries, Sewer Lines, Light bulbs, Floor Tiles, Brainstorming, or Interacting with Children! Email Anu Gupta at for any additional information. We do ask you to commit to the entire time slot.


Friday, November 6, 2015 at  Forestville Elementary School (Great Falls, VA), tentatively from 6:00 to 7:30/8 pm.


This year’s Science Night at Forestville ES will be very unique – it will connect students with the real challenges and situations that their school will go through during their upcoming/ongoing renovation and construction. It will be follow two set themes (Septic/Sewer Line and Library) and children will move through a progression of activities that help them answer questions about Forestville. Younger children will be able to play with hands-on STEM activities and older children and their families will be encouraged to test ideas and make calculations to solve problems. Energetic High Schoolers who are good at explaining math and science are welcome to earn Community Service Hours. Roles for volunteers include:


–  Guiding students through measurements and math concepts
–  Helping them manipulate (sometimes messy) hands-on experiments
–  Going through energetic brainstorming activities
–  Explaining/Introducing elements of the Forestville renovation and answering questions – helping kids from K-6 understand what is going on and how that impacts the school community
– Guiding non-trained volunteers through the flow of the station’s activity
–  General assistance – setting up materials, cleaning, managing flow of people


We have a range of volunteer slots – including setup from 5 pm to 6 pm and cleanup at the end; plus during the actual event (6 pm – 7:30/8 pm). We will hold a 2-hour training session in the weeks before the event to go over the more detailed stations and questions. This is part of our effort to train a core group of volunteers to understand the underlying ideas and connections between stations. Mini-stations within each theme will be linked and will lead to an understanding of a bigger picture. Volunteers at stations may need to work together to help children progress through each theme and get to their “aha” moment.


We appreciate the expertise of our volunteers in making real-world STEM come alive! We are striving to make this a fulfilling exercise for volunteers – we want and need your expertise!


Please sign up online if you can commit to the November 6th event. Under the comments section, please indicate what type of role you would like to take on. Additional information about the stations is below if you would like to compare them to your areas of expertise. Feel free to share this opportunity with your friends and colleagues.


Forestville Science Night – Areas of Volunteer Expertise needed:


–  Soil types (messy, hands-on station mixing sand with clay and “silt” in appropriate percentages)
–  Percolation (water through soil (e.g. septic tanks))
–  How septic tanks work
–  Calculating diameter, radius, circumference, area of pipes – real pipes used in construction
–  Angles and flow (possibly messy, hands-on station to figure out the minimum angle to move a thick liquid through a pipe)
–  Lots real-world “M” in “STEM” – Calculations: using a map scale to calculate distance from the school to Rt. 7, using triangle angles and sides to calculate depth to buried pipes, calculating average weight (both on paper and using computer tools) of book-filled shelves, square area of an irregular shape, maximizing tiles in an area, and more!
–  Weighing, sorting, and managing a bookshelf
–  Energetic Brainstorming and encouraging creative ideas / coloring
–  Lighting – electricity usage per different types of bulb and also calculating how many bulbs in a square area.
–  Flooring – calculating number of tiles needed for an irregular floor


Students will receive a worksheet and incentives for finishing the worksheet, so they will be encouraged to do each calculation and find the answers to these real-world calculations. We will provide volunteers with all of the information, tools, calculators, and answers needed.