January Science Night: “Waste Not, Want Not”

January Science Night

We recycled, we reused…
Made sure nature had no blues.


Forestville students were the stars of the show.
Using creativity and all the science they know,


To think of ways to help the earth…
Energy saving and giving water its worth!


iSchool and PTA made a great team,
Our partners and volunteers were a dream!


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Our January Renovation for Innovation Science Night inspired creativity and thoughtful approaches to daily living. Featuring rare encounters like smoke-filled bubbles and flying drones, the event was a fun and forward-thinking capstone to our series of four Renovation for Innovation Science Nights at Forestville. Organized by iSchool for the Future, the event encouraged participants to try innovative ways to care for our world through the “Waste Not, Want Not” theme. Children had hands-on, educational fun, and even parents learned a lot. A common refrain heard at all stations was “I didn’t know that!”

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One popular station featured bouncing Dry Ice Bubbles. Children were amazed to learn that even bubbles and dry ice have innovative uses in industry and the environment. Children also wasted no time in quickly taking over the station – with students rapidly becoming teachers and helping run it!  Children explored alternative energy sources by making long chains of potato batteries and windmills out of magazines and sticks. They built energy efficient homes out of craft sticks and kitchen materials and tested them for light energy loss. Parents were surprised to learn that given the weight of a gallon of water (8.3 lbs), families probably waste their own weight in water every day. Many participants pledged to take shorter showers and reduce water wasted while brushing teeth. Adults and children were also challenged to calculate the cost of daily power usage after watching watts used – in real time – by small appliances hooked up to a multimeter. Hidden math was a big part of this Science Night.

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Community partners were essential to the event. Trashmagination brought a large story loom to weave soft recycled materials into a tapestry. iSchool partners demonstrated 3D printers and a small drone that some children were able to fly as they learned about the Bernoulli Principle. Forestville’s own Student Government returned to teach the school about cafeteria recycling with a Sorting Game.

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Each station included hands-on science and technology plus opportunities to be creative. Every iSchool for the Future activity also encourages development of emotional intelligence, and at the January Science Night children were asked to embrace failure and try again, appreciate the potential of natural resources, and recognize the role of a wider community in their daily lives. Other essential 21st Century Life Skills targeted were self-regulation, collaboration and Design Thinking.

1 Horizontal_house_energy_Loss

The event was sponsored by the Forestville PTA. A group of over 17 volunteers, including Forestville parents and local community partners, helped set up and run each station. A big thank you goes to the PTA and our volunteers! Many of the materials and equipment used during the event were donated by MOM’s Organic Market in Herndon and the Reston Home Depot – Thank you!