Rubber band cars – Continue the learning at home


Hands-on learning, creativity, motion, and movement… The fun never stops with the Rubber Band Car activity! In our classes we do this project both to introduce engineering and STEM terms and to allow for creative, innovative thought. It’s a winning combination that is offered in all of our programs.

The activity is challenging for young and old alike. It needs a human/rubber band power source and a combination of moving wheels and axles connected to a car body. The fact that it is rather hard makes it a great framework within which to teach Growth Mindset, including Embracing Failure, Perseverance, and moving from saying “Can’t” to “Can’t… Yet.”

You can work with your children on these topics at home. Allow your children to come up with the ideas before showing them any “right ways” to make it work. Here are some great resources to continue the learning at home:

Rubber Band Racers – We modified lessons such as this to allow for a bit more open-ended creativity.

PBS Rubber Band Car – This site has a quick video with tips on making the car work.

Power of Yet Sesame Street Song – You and your children will be singing and dancing along while also growing their minds!

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