The Results Are In! Monthly Trash Cleanups Win Eco-Project Vote

With over one quarter of students at Forestville Elementary School voting, the results are clear: Students don’t want trash on their school grounds – and they are willing to get outside to do something about it.


iSchool for the Future was pleased with the interest and turnout in the Eco-Project vote.  188 students from 22 classrooms (approximately 28% of the Forestville student body) voted for their favorite project. There were a few additional votes from outside Forestville as well. Results were:


1. Monthly Trash Cleanups – 56 votes/30% of total votes
2. More plants in the Atrium to increase biodiversity – 46 votes/24% of total votes
3. School-wide Recycling and Biodiversity Fun Days – 42 votes/22% of total votes
4. Make and place 2 recycling bins for every classroom – 39 votes/21% of total votes
5. Make and hang up more signs about recycling around the school – 5 votes/3% of total votes


iSchool would like to acknowledge several teachers who really “got out the vote”, with all or most of the students in their classes voting: Ms. GZ, Ms. Donlon, Ms. Kroog, Ms. Conner, Ms. Boggs, Ms. McCourt, and Mr. LeLoup. Thank you!


iSchool students also worked hard to get out the vote.  iSchool students were the driving force in getting the Forestville Student Government together for a presentation on their entire project: “Studying our School, Changing Our World.” iSchool students spoke in front of the group of 50+ of their peers, telling them about their study and their findings and screening the accompanying video.  View the video here. iSchool students also asked the Student Government for help in raising awareness about the project and the vote.  Several other students also did individual presentations to their classes to raise awareness and encourage others to go online, view the video, and vote.  These efforts brought out more than a quarter of the school to vote and brought in interest from schools and organizations outside Forestville!


Data analysis of the final results was done by one of our 6th grade students in the Spring Science Magic class.  He learned a lot about computer programs, spreadsheets, and the need to clean up data as he analyzed the data and determined the results.


Now that the results are in, iSchool is taking the first step of talking with Forestville’s PTA and administration to schedule outdoor events like the cleanup and fun day.  iSchool students will then lead the activities.


This project (which is not over!) has been a great example of iSchool’s STEAM SEL approach and our ability to unlock every child’s inner genius.  Students learned about science topics like biodiversity and natural resources; used multiple technologies to learn about the school, create and share the video, and access the ballot; engineered and tested designs for solving some of the problems they uncovered; showed creativity and artistry in creating visual media; and calculated results.  Along the way they built confidence, showed appreciation for existing efforts, and developed a better identity for where they fit into the group and the project, among other targeted social and emotional skills.


Most importantly – this project allowed students to be innovative in such a way that they excelled beyond expectation and improved their world.  The second-most popular project idea – Recycling and Biodiversity Fun Days – was an idea that came directly from the students, with no teacher direction other than a question: “How can we solve these problems?” With the knowledge and skills they gained in iSchool classes, and with the freedom and expectation that they think big – the students came up with a unique solution that resonated with much of the rest of the school. Genius!


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