Registration Incentives

iSchool Special Offers for our 2014 Wizards of i Summer Camp Series


Registration Incentive:

Register for a Summer Camp before June 23 and pick your prize!


Refer a Friend:

Refer a Friend to our Summer Camps. When your friend registers for a camp by midnight, June 23 and lists you as his/her reference, you get a prize. Your friend will also receive his/her registration prize. There is no limit* to the number of prizes you can earn!

Fill the camp with your friends – and fill your room with prizes!


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Prizes will be awarded at the end of each camp.

*Only one person may be listed as a reference in each referral.


List of Prizes:


619i-g3pABL._SL1500_                 91NFCe80ICL._SL1500_                            612FyaBr0oL._SX522_                      91Dmq84AgXL._SL1500_

Ultra Stomp Rocket                    Electronic Playground                Propeller Racer: Green Science                  Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit



81gPF3H7PPL._SL1500_               51g89EZ7ggL                            71Od9nawZ6L._SL1500_                    71A1CAcf2xL._SL1500_                           61bwhBTyriL._SL1500_

Spirograph Tin         ScienceWiz Inventions Kit              Rory’s Story Cubes         ScienceWiz DNA Experiment Kit       Lego Female Scientist



51AeZ-w9ZnL                                        61oK1fk2aVL._SL1500_                                             girls

 Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes      4M Electric Dragster            Girls Think of Everything: Stories of Ingenious Inventions by Women




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