Putting It All Together

Forestville Elementary Innovation Lab update:


In Innovation Lab last week we took a look at all the work we have done so far in the Eco-Schools USA process and realized it’s been a lot! We have surveyed recycling, trash, and energy waste, examined composting viability, and tried out novel ways to reuse materials and reduce trash.


After reviewing our progress, students brainstormed both realistic and crazy ideas for solving waste and consumption problems at Forestville. Ideas included such things as increasing communication, composting, and recycling options, setting up areas for sharing things, and having special days for reusing and reducing trash. iSchool is now working to make several of their ideas a reality – such as a video to play on Forestvision and additional recycling bins.


To get them started with actions to improve waste and consumption, we challenged the students to come up with a Recycling Mascot. Of course, the mascot had to made of recyclable materials, but we also set parameters that it had to represent a living creature with at least four limbs and – since this mascot is real and will represent iSchool at an upcoming NOVA Outside Environmental Action Showcase – it had to look nice. Students also had to work as teams and share the pool of recyclables. After a quick lesson on the physics of sculptures and balance, the students got to work. Both teams created dogs as mascots. One team was so excited about the activity they even took it home to continue working on it!


Check out the pictures from this session here – http://goo.gl/ApiJK3