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Spring Break Science Magic Camp

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Our popular Science Magic Camp is back with a new theme: “Life in all its forms.” Life is all around us, from bacteria in our bodies to orcas in the oceans! In this camp, students will explore life in all its forms and gain a new appreciation for the wonders of the world around them. This camp will explore life using methods from multiple disciplines, including microbiology, entomology, and ecology. Along the way students will practice being different types of scientists, from laboratory pathologists to outdoor botanists.


They will also try their hand at methods that scientists use to explore the big and small – including capturing insects, sampling garden soils, and tuning a microscope. At the end of camp students will prepare presentations showing their expanded understanding of the forms that life takes and the connections between us all. Camp will implement iSchool for the Future’s STEAM SEL approach (integrating science, technology, engineering, arts, math, and social and emotional life skills). Students will work on improving social and emotional life skills in our core areas: Confidence, Appreciation, and Self-regulation. Our classes are taught by passionate scientists and educators with real field experience.


Forestville Elementary School * April 14 to 17, 2014 * 9 am to 3 pm, extended hours available



Afterschool Science Programs – Spring 2014

Classes are taught by a dynamic scientist with a background in child-oriented outreach. Instruction will be differentiated based on individual students’ skill levels and learning styles and will include outdoor learning opportunities.  Following iSchool’s unique approach, children will blend STEM with art, play, and social skills development. Our programs help children love science and become better overall learners.

This spring afterschool enrichment program will be offered at Forestville, Colvin Run and Buzz Aldrin Elementary Schools.


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Science Magic: Celebrate the Science of Spring with iSchool for the Future! Using fascinating facts from biology, chemistry, and conservation, children will explore springtime changes to plants, animals, and habitats through hands-on, engaging, and real-world experiments. Emphasis will be placed on projects that inspire stewardship and help improve the school environment.


Innovation Lab: Think “Out-of-the-Box” with iSchool for the Future! This class uses the basics of engineering, materials, and physical science to spark creativity and inventive ideas in children. Particular emphasis is made on supporting innovations that will make the world a better place.  Children will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on, real-world projects that impact their environment.



Summer Science Camps

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Science Magic (6/30 – 7/11): Our traditional and well-loved Science Magic camp is back! Children will use biology, chemistry, physics, and math to tickle the senses and trick their parents as they prepare for an end-of-session Magic Show. Along the way they will explore their environment and improve biodiversity.


Innovation Lab (7/14 – 7/25): Explore, experiment, question, plan, design, take apart, and build structures, gadgets, and solutions. This camp will use basics of engineering and materials science to inspire children to use their imaginations and empathy to create inventions that make life easier.


Amazing Race Around the World (7/28 – 8/8): Journey around the world! We will give you all the tools you need for your trip: a passport, some foreign language, and navigation skills! Young explorers will learn about people, science, cultures, and geography while experiencing music, cuisines, and arts from around the world. They will even build a country along the way!


iSchool Summer Science Camp brochure 2014


Reston Area – Northern Virginia * June 30 to August 8 * 9 am to 3 pm, extended hours available