Technology in iSchool Programs

iSchool uses hands-on technology in our programs, and can incorporate technology-based lessons to after-school classes, Family Science Nights, or Library Programs. Our approach to technology is highly balanced: technology is a tool for learning, but is not the end goal of our classes. Thus, we include basic, foundational science and 21st Century Skills in every lesson. The combination of technology and social skills makes our technology offerings popular with both boys and girls in a mixed setting.


Computer- and Internet-based learning

1.  Introduction to coding (Our own special lesson and Hour of Code)
2.  Using online app building tools to start building a mobile App (plus the Design Thinking behind it)
3. Using online tools to calculate the value of a tree
4. Editing digital photographs
5.  Connecting to others globally via email and Skype (in real time)
6.  Exploring GoogleEarth and using online mapping tools
7. Making presentations (PPT, Prezi, Smilebox)
8. Internet research (all types – video, written, images) plus basics on Internet safety
9. Computer modeling and simulations (fractals, Fibonacci)


New and innovative technologies

10.  3-D Printers and 3-D Design Software (SketchUp)
11.  Aerial drones and Geographic perspectives (and aerial photography)
12. Exploring GoogleGlass


Hands-on and Mobile Technologies

13. Technology dissections (taking apart a laptop, phone)
14.  Building homes to conserve energy and using a mobile App to estimate energy loss and conservation
15.  Using mobile Apps to identify leaves, birds, and biodiversity
16. Using mobile Apps to navigate and find geocaches
17. Student-written Twitter and Facebook posts
18. Making stop-motion and live-action movies


Traditional Science using technology

19.  Conducting an energy audit of the school (including calculations)
20. Making and testing electronics and batteries
21. Using microscopes
21. Making small vibrobots
22. Observing vibrations from a speaker
23. Using an altimeter to test electrical usage in appliances


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