Our Approach

THEN: The traditional educational system was designed over 150 years ago for the times when most of the people in the world couldn’t read and write.  Free and compulsory public education was a revolutionary idea for that time.  Later, it was standardized and ‘streamlined’ like an assembly line, to be efficient.

NOW:  Equipped with research, tools and science, we know that most of us start our journey in life full of creative genius potential.   By the time we get fully ‘educated’ and standardized, we lose over 90% of that potential.

CHALLENGE:  In the world where knowledge is becoming a commodity and is easily accessible from any device anywhere at any time, we have to find a way to harvest the true creative potential of our children and help them discover and nurture their talents that will set them for success in the world of tomorrow.

SOLUTION:  We can preserve and develop creative potential of our children by focusing on their individual strengths and talents, developing their passions, teaching them critical skills that will help them be effective learners, create new knowledge and innovate.  At the iSchool of the Future, we help raise a new generation of innovators that will shape the future.

OUR APPROACH:  In our approach we strive to learn from the best educational practices and research about how we learn best and how young minds really work.  Experiential LearningPersonalized TeachingGlobal Perspectiveand Emotional Intelligence are the four pillars of our approach to help students  develop the 21st century skills and capabilities  to succeed and make a positive impact on the world of tomorrow.

Using our unique STEAM SELTM approach that combines Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math with important Social and Emotional Life Skills, we are helping children be their best selves while learning the magic and power of science.