Family Science Nights and Community Events

iSchool for the Future Family Science Nights and Community Events

iSchool offers customizable, fun, and educational Family Science Nights for elementary and middle schools.  Hands-on STEM activities explore the disciplines and stations include new technologies such as 3D printers and computer programming. Our creative and visually pleasing stations bring a touch of whimsy to science explanations and make even the most complex topics accessible. It is a wonderful way to engage as a family in STEM exploration.
One of the most exciting features of iSchool’s Science Nights is that are customizable. Before submitting a proposal to your school for the specific stations at a Family Science Night, we can tour your school to create an event that is 100% relevant to the daily lives of your students.
iSchool’s Science Nights are a delight for adults and children alike. In addition to hands-on science, they also feature art and poetry, open-ended creativity and innovation, and clear links to a global perspective and 21st Century Skills.  With so much added value, we offer our Science Nights in as a complete experience.  This includes planning, most equipment and supplies, and a small cadre of iSchool staff to oversee the event and lead volunteer training and orientation. The school provides space, tables, custodial services, select equipment, and 10-20 volunteers (depending on the size of the expected audience).

Interested in bringing iSchool’s Science Nights to your school or community? Email; call (703) 261-4758, or fill out this form.

“Renovate, Innovate” themed Science Events

We have a series that is perfect for schools undergoing renovation. Contact us!

Why choose iSchool for your Family Science Nights?

Our Science Nights receive rave reviews! We also fully document our activities so you can know exactly what to expect. Our staff are experts in science and project management. Read about our reviews and past eventsQuote from The Great Falls Connection: “These science nights served as a prime example of how to make learning come alive for children.”

“My kids had a great time.” – Forestville Parent

Why hold Family Science Events? They create a lifelong love of learning!

Family Science events effectively increase understanding of science topics, create interest in science careers, and integrate parents into learning. Read more. The more senses you incorporate into learning the faster the children will learn and the  more they will remember. iSchool offers exactly that: experiential learning.” – Forestville PTA President

iSchool for the Future is looking forward to bringing innovative, fun, and educational Science Nights to your community!





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