Welcome to Your Virtual Digital Art Class!

This month we will focus on the “Character Design” process going through each step of building the various aspects of your conceptual character from the ground up – using paper, pencil, and exposure to various digital tools.

Here you will find weekly video tutorials along with additional instructions.

You can also join our moderated Digital Art Facebook Group we created for this class. This group provides the space where our students can learn, collaborate, share their work, ask our instructors questions and help each other create awesome digital art content. We plan to have a contest at the end of the school year and will share more details and prizes!

Week 1: Character Design Fundamentals. Shape Language – Video Tutorial

Week 1: Shape Language – Instructions

Week 2: Character Design Fundamentals. Character Silhouette – Video Tutorial

The Reflection in ME – Understanding ourselves and our characters

Week 3: Color Theory, Line Weight and Shape Language – Presentation and Links

The Effect of Color | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

Week 4: Putting It All Together – Character Design Video Tutorial

Putting It All Together – Instructions

Week 5: Character Design – Model Sheet Video Tutorial

Character Design Fundamentals – Model Sheet

Week 6: Model Sheet – Final Video Tutorial