Polymers, Domes, Airplanes and more at NoVa Mini Maker Faire

Visitors to the iSchool exhibit and workshops at the NoVa Mini Maker Faire on Sunday, March 15 enjoyed many hands-on STEM activities, in addition to reading science poetry that had smiles and laughs abounding. Did you miss the Faire? Your child can enjoy these activities at our Spring Break Science Camp, Summer Camps, or After-School Programs. Discounts available!


At least 200 people participated in building projects and science experiments, while many more stopped by to pick up materials and read our colorful and poetic descriptions of the science behind each activity.  Both adults and children were entranced (and encased) by a growing Geodesic Dome.


Made from recycled newspaper, when it was completed it was taller than most of the children who had been working on it. A collective cheer was heard throughout the hall when the last few pieces were put in place.


Children also enjoyed making bouncy balls and learning about polymers as they mixed glue with a borax solution.


Children let loose at an airplane making station, complete with launchers, a runway, and a large hula hoop target suspended in the air. Each activity featured colors and artwork.


Several children enjoyed our free hands-on workshops. In the first workshop, “Geometry All Around”, children examined the room for shapes and then used spaghetti and marshmallows to make squares and triangles and compare their sturdiness.  The group then had a 5-minute challenge to build the tallest, sturdiest structure they could build.

IMG_5893     IMG_5894

Children also learned that the phenomenon of fractals – which are a hot topic in mathematics – are everywhere in nature. To learn more about the repeating and scalable patterns in a fractal, children used our exclusive snowflake pattern to make Koch Fractal Snowflakes.  In the next workshop, “Water Water Everywhere!”, children watched colors swirl in hot versus cold water, and enjoyed making salt water from the classic vinegar and baking soda acid-base reaction.

IMG_5899  DSC05955

iSchool was so lucky to have a wonderful group of volunteers helping us at the Faire. Thank you!

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