Forestville’s Renovation and Place-Based Learning: November 6 Family Science Night

Septic tank and drainfields    New library floorplan

iSchool’s newest project is a wonderful challenge and will be extremely enriching for our students and their families!  We are in the midst of planning a brand new Family Science Night for Forestville Elementary School.  Children will be challenged to solve real-world problems, answer real-world questions, and make real-world calculations about the situation at their school. As children find real-world solutions, they will receive stamps on their “Passport to Prizes” Sheet and win incentives from the school!

Friday, November 6, 2015
6:00 to 7:30 pm
Forestville Elementary School

It’s FREE! Register here to ensure we have enough hands-on materials for your family! You will also be entered into a drawing to win a Science Kit AND you will get hints before the event! Want to volunteer? Read more or email

Learn the “WHAT”, “HOW”, and “WHY” of the actual Forestville Renovation:

• Why are they digging in the fields?
• Where is my library?
• What will be different?

Hands-on STEM activities will use the real pipes, soil, and blueprints from the actual renovation. Adults and Children will learn a lot about their school! The event will have all-new content developed specifically for Forestville. This is real place-based learning at its best! Using the ongoing renovation as the learning backdrop, students will experience, feel, and calculate real values for the school.

Activities will include:

• Feeling the soil at Forestville and charting the percentages of its texture components
• Comparing percolation in Forestville’s clay loam versus other soil types
• Calculating the angles, distance, and depth of the actual sewer line that will be built, using the real plans
• Estimating the weight of the actual Forestville Library collection, and brainstorming ways to safely store and use those books during the renovation
• Using the real blueprints of the new library to estimate floor area and lighting needs

Make real place-based learning come alive! Experience how science and math fit into your daily lives! Want to bring this type of place-based learning to your school? Contact us!

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  • Wendy Wallace October 27, 2015 @ 11:05 am

    My daughter Lauren (Kilmer MS 8th grader) would be happy to volunteer at the Nov 6th event. Please contact me to coordinate. Thanks.

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