Renovation for Innovation Science Night: Amazing night of place-based, hands-on STEM


Our Family Science Night on Friday, November 6 at Forestville Elementary School was amazing! For two hours a crowd of over 100 children and their families visited 12 stations to learn about the upcoming changes their school will undergo during its renovation. Parents and children loved the event! Watch this short video from a parent (11 seconds).


Children learned about Forestville’s soil type and how it affects percolation, calculated dimensions of the actual 8-inch pipe that will be installed, read and interpreted maps and blueprints, used a spreadsheet to analyze sample data, estimated the size of the new library, observed energy use and calculated the costs of using different light bulb types.  Along the way children filled out a Passport to Prizes, excitedly finding the answers to over 10 question on real-world, place-based, relevant science and math.

DSC_0109  DSC_0106

A special thank you goes to our Volunteers, who made the night a success! iSchool is proud of  the close partnership we forged with the Forestville PTA to make the place-based renovation-themed Science Night vision a reality.  See many photos from the stations here. Additional photos, including ideas from the Innovation Wall on the very heavy library collection are here.

Special Thanks to the Reston Home Depot and MOM’s Organic Market for donating supplies to the Family Science Night.

Do More Win More

It’s never too late to learn! Even if you  missed the Science Night, you can still download the Passport to Prizes – Do More Win More Worksheet. Children are welcome to work on the questions at home and either post answers on iSchool’s Facebook page or turn them in to the Forestville Office.  For each question answered, children will receive one raffle entry to win a Science Kit. Every child who finishes the worksheet correctly will have his/her name announced on Forestvision.


1. Images of the drainfields and sewer line:

Septic tank and drainfields  

  Sewer pipe pathway

2. Find a Soil Texture Triangle here.

3. Forestville’s new library:

New library floorplan1

4. Fascinating information on different bulb types is found here.

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