Marshmallow Science: Continue the learning at home


Food is always an excellent tool for learning – it creates excitement and automatically inspires children to think outside of the box. Our Food Fun Days are popular with kids and effective at helping them learn science concepts and the utility of the 21st Century Life Skill of the Day. Our activities that use spaghetti and marshmallows (modified from the famous Marshmallow Challenge) demonstrate the need for Perseverance as an essential skill. Children have to try new ways of working (who gets used to building with spaghetti?) and they have to persist, even when the spaghetti breaks and the marshmallows get squished. This lesson demonstrates the effective combination of science content, Life Skills, and hands-on opportunities found in all of our programs.

The Marshmallow Challenge is an easy one to expand upon at home, and there are great resources to get your family started:

There is an inspiring TED Talk on the Marshmallow Challenge

Pictures of some tall spaghetti structures!

You can also help children learn more about the structural stability of triangles.

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