Magnets to learn Empathy and Growth Mindset: Continue the learning at home


Like Homopolar Motors, an Electromagnetic Train is a “Wow”-inducing activity that helps children learn about STEM concepts such as circuits, magnetism, and machines. Making electromagnetic trains also requires children to show Perseverance and to Embrace Failure, and as such is a great way to teach children about having a Growth Mindset. Tying machines and engines to quality of life is also a springboard for discussing Empathy and ways to help others. Having fun with STEM – such as by making Magnetic Slime – encourages Creativity while learning science. These are just a few examples of activities that iSchool does with children that showcase our effective combination of science content, Life Skills, and hands-on opportunities found in all of our programs.

These videos are a great way to start a discussion with your child about Empathy, an essential life skill that drives innovation:

Empathy Can Change the World

Kids Talk: Empathy

Sesame Street: Mark Ruffalo: Empathy

You can help your child learn with magnets with these resources:

This video demonstrates how to Make Magnetic Slime

This video gets children excited about making and testing Electromagnetic Trains

This video provides directions on making the Electromagnetic Train

This video explains the science behind Electromagnetic Trains

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