What kids need to know in the 21st Century

What should students learn in the 21st Century? In today’s world, success comes not just from what children know, but rather from how they interact with the rapidly changing world. In our globalized, interconnected world children need to be leaders, innovators and changemakers.


The education sector is scrambling to even recognize and then provide learning opportunities for children to become changemakers. iSchool for the Future is at the cutting edge of education. We build 21st Century Skills: Empathy to recognize problems, Creativity and Design Thinking to engineer new solutions, Perseverance and Grit to get through failure, and Confidence and Communication skills to share ideas. These skills will not only help our children advance their future, but more importantly, these are the skills our children need to make the world a better place.


Keeping learning relevant to children’s  lives provides for engaging and personalized experiences.  iSchool’s emphasis on Creative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) combined the 21st Century Skills allows us to harness the interdisciplinary nature of life in an engaging way that creates opportunities for deeper learning.  At the intersection of Knowledge, Skills, and Character, we focus on the growth of the entire child.  As children learn about themselves, gain metacognition, and learn how to learn and make a difference, they prepare their entire selves – head, hands, and heart – for success in the 21st Century.


We encourage you to join us on this journey to bring 21st Century Learning to life. Try one of our Summer Camps, spread the word, volunteer, or support our cause. Together, we will Unlock the Inner Genius in Every Child!