iSchool Students’ Action for the Environment: A natural fit for STEAM SEL

Several students in the Amazing Race Around the  World summer camp said that they wanted to learn more about marine animals, which fit in well with lessons on Pacific Islands. While learning about people and places in the Pacific (as well as Africa), students were also introduced to the concept of climate change and its negative impacts. SEL lessons during the Wizards of i Summer Program had stressed empathy, teaching students methods to understand the feelings of others and to show they care. Students were inspired to show empathy for people and animals in the Pacific. Each student wrote a letter to President Barack Obama asking him to help stop climate change, and each student made a realistic pledge to change something in their own lives. Pledges included such things as recycling and riding a bike rather than asking for a ride. The activity was also a great social studies lesson on democracy – many students were amazed and appreciative that they had the right to communicate their feelings to the President. We are eagerly awaiting a response from the White House!

DSC02761       pledge - group photo1      DSC02762