‘Wizards of i’ Program launched successfully with the Super Science Magic Camp

A colorful burst of acids and bases and a number trick that left adults astounded were just some highlights of the successful launch of the “Wizards of i” Summer Learning Program.


The Program’s first session – Super Science Magic Camp – was held from July 24th to July 3rd, 2013 at the Forestville Elementary School.  Students (ages 6-8) gathered for eight diverse and action packed days. They explored chemistry, math, and physics through magic “tricks” and learned about birds, biodiversity and botany by building bird houses and planting an edible garden.  Many thanks to our HomeDepot partner for providing materials, time, expertise, and encouragement!


Students expanded computer skills by typing, composing and sending an email message, viewing online videos, and meeting new friends via Skype.  Art was integrated into each day, with students offered a number of opportunities to think, talk, write, act, and draw creatively. Students listened to a variety of types of music throughout the day as well.


Social and emotional learning (SEL) was fully integrated into the camp and will continue throughout the entire Wizards of i Program. Students discussed their own strengths and unique traits, expanded their vocabulary for feelings and emotions, used a five-step process for showing empathy, and practiced relaxation as a way of regulating emotions.


The camp also celebrated multiple cultures, with stories and names from diverse cultures integrated into activities. Students also met new friends in India over the internet.


The Super Science Magic Camp culminated in a Magic Show with each student confidently demonstrating science tricks and performing music in front of a large audience.


The second session of the Wizards of i Summer Learning Program will begin in mid-July with an Innovation Lab. Students will learn about engineering and problem solve all while becoming more engaged and responsible global citizens.

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