iSchool for the Future Curriculum meets multiple Virginia State Standards of Learning

iSchool’s multidisciplinary curriculum meets multiple State Standards for science, math, and social studies in various grades. In particular, the curriculum meets Standard 1: Practices for Scientific Investigation, which is often difficult for teachers to integrate into their daily lessons. Examples of integration between iSchool’s STEAM SEL approach and the 10 strands of Standard 1 include:


  • Observing (Identity – how their own identity, biases, and understanding impacts observations)
  • Classifying and sequencing (Empathy – how their understanding of what others feel and think impacts how groups are classified)
  • Communicating (Communication – visually, orally, in writing)
  • Measuring (Technology – using different tools to measure)
  • Predicting (Confidence – being sure about their own knowledge and using that confidence to make an evidence-based prediction)
  • Hypothesizing (Science – making a hypothesis that is appropriate to the subject matter)
  • Inferring (Self-regulation – making inferences that are appropriate to the situation and the evidence)
  • Using Variables in Experimentation (Appreciation – learning to value the richness  that diversity brings)
  • Interpreting, Analyzing, and Evaluating Data (Math – using a variety of processes to understand data from a number of angles)
  • Designing, Constructing, and Interpreting Models (Engineering, Art – building physical models that allow for imagination and creativity but which are based on realistic principles)