iSchool expands STEAM SEL to local libraries

iSchool is very excited about its newest endeavor – bringing its STEAM SEL approach to local libraries. In partnership with the Friends of the Great Falls Library, iSchool is offering a 10-week Science Magic program to home-schooled students at Great Falls Library.


Registration for the program quickly reached its maximum of 13 students, and many more are on the waiting list, showing the need for a hands-on, place-based science program such as iSchool’s. During the program, students will participate in our signature science and social and emotional learning activities that create a love of science while building critical life skills. In the next few weeks students will focus on foundations such as the importance of nature, molecules, water, chemical reactions, and patterns in nature. All lessons are done using non-traditional methods – for instance when students learned about the water molecule they modeled it with their bodies.  Students will also participate in place-based investigations, including assessing water quality in the library’s pond, auditing the library’s garden biodiversity, and determining prevalent soil types around the library.


Along the way, students will be asked to keep in mind actions that they can take to help improve the environment of the library.  Towards the end of the 10-week session, students will decide on a joint project that they can implement together, such as planting plants, setting up a compost bin, or doing a cleanup. The final project will be student-driven.  At the very end students will give a presentation on their findings, project, and recommendations to parents and library staff.


iSchool’s core life skills – identity, appreciation, confidence, communication, self-regulation, and empathy – are being fully integrated into lessons.  iSchool has already received a number of requests for partnership from area libraries and will be expanding again later in the year.  If you are interested in hosting this type of program in your library, please reach out to us.


Financial support for this program has been provided by the Friends of the Great Falls Library and by the parents of enrolled students.