iSchool exhibits at 2016 USA Science and Engineering Festival

iSchool joined over 1,000 organizations – including some of the largest STEM companies in the world – in engaging and delighting visitors at the 2016 USA Science and Engineering Festival, held in Washington D.C. iSchool directly engaged with over 1,000 visitors during the April 15 Sneak Peak event and April 16 Public Expo. Our variety of fun, hands-on activities appealed to different learners of all ages and stressed the links between 21st Century Life Skills and innovation.


Watch a Homopolar Motor in Action – in honor of our sponsors!

iSchool partnered with Activity Rocket to exhibit. The following Sponsors supported our participation:

i Care Dr.

Pediatric Dentistry of the Falls

George Washington University Department of Mathematics

Mobu Kids

Thank you to the following companies for providing in-kind support for this and previous events: Reston Home Depot, North Point Giant, Reston Target, Mom’s Organic Market, Sterling Walmart, and Sterling Costco.


Young visitors to our booth learned about Embracing Failure in order to find success with our fun, twirling Paper Helicopter Activity.

iSchoolfortheFuture-2016USAScience&EngineeringFestival-ElectromagneticTrain   iSchoolfortheFuture-2016USAScience&EngineeringFestival-Magnets1

We showed off the fun and real-world relevance of magnets, Electromagnetic Engines, and Homopolar Motors.  It took Perseverance and Grit to get the motors to work – but our visitors did it!

iSchoolfortheFuture-2016USAScience&EngineeringFestival-MakeyMakey   iSchoolfortheFuture-2016USAScience&EngineeringFestival-MakeyMakey2

Families held hands to create human electric circuits while making music on a MakeyMakey Circuit Board. The activity helped build a Growth Mindset and grow an appreciation for collaborating and connecting with others.


Families loved our Math Games! They showed off their Creativity, gained Confidence, and had fun with math!

iSchoolfortheFuture-2016USAScience&EngineeringFestival-Mobius1   iSchoolfortheFuture-2016USAScience&EngineeringFestival-Mobius2

“That’s so cool!” This was a common refrain at our booth when kids learned about the Mobius Strip and its one-sided surface math phenomenon. It was really wonderful to see so many children inspired and excited by the activity. We had the added fun of being schooled by a visitor – we are always open to learning something new!

iSchoolfortheFuture-2016USAScience&EngineeringFestival-SponsorReception   iSchoolfortheFuture-2016USAScience&EngineeringFestival-SponsorReception2

It was a pleasure to attend the Sponsor Appreciation Reception and hear inspiring words and commitments to furthering STEM from Lockheed Martin, Chevron, and the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). We are proud to be a partner of Activity Rocket, one of the Festival sponsors!

iSchool-Volunteer2   iSchool-Volunteer3  iSchool-Volunteer1

A super big THANK YOU to our VOLUNTEERS from around the region and BSA Troop 55 in Great Falls for helping us bring Creative STEM and Life Skills Development to families at the USA Science & Engineering Festival!

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