Homopolar Motors – Continue the learning at home


We are always challenging our students to think outside of the box and persevere at something hard.  Our latest activity, making Homopolar Motors, embodies this spirit and adds creativity and some advanced STEM Concepts to the mix. In this activity children use special magnets, copper wire, and batteries to make a creative, moving sculpture. Getting the three simple supplies placed just right takes Patience and Perseverance, and helps children understand the need to Embrace Failure. It’s an effective combination of science content, Life Skills, and hands-on opportunities found in all of our programs.

You can help your child learn more about Homopolar Motors at home with these resources:

– This website includes directions and a video on the motors.

– These Tiny Dancers are quite an inspiration!

You can also help your children learn to love and embrace failure, and see that mistakes are essential to learning.  These videos are great as discussion starters:

– Facing Failure: What it takes to be good at science
– P&G Thank You, Mom | Pick Them Back Up

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