Water, water, everywhere! Tell us, tell us, Should We Care?

iSchool for the Future is hosting a hands-on science workshop for children ages 8-12 at the Reston library on Saturday 7/19, at 10:30am.

Here are the additional details about the program offered.

THEME: Water, water, everywhere! Tell us, tell us, Should We Care?

In this program students will examine water phases and water quality through hands-on demonstrations and experiments. Students will discuss water and its uses in the summer, and relate those uses to their own lives (swimming, hydration, gardening). Students will touch different phases of water and discuss how/when they encounter them in the summer (ice in drinks, swimming pools, humidity). The role of water in the environment and habitats will lead students to a discussion of water quality. Basics of water chemistry (atoms and the water molecule) and chemical reactions will be covered.

Students will then take part in an experiment to discover the water quality of local water sources (such as Reston Town Center Fountain, Reston Library drinking fountains, and Sugarland Run – all samples provided by iSchool). In so doing they will explore aspects of the Scientific Method, including making a hypothesis, and will learn about testing technologies.

Every student will handle a test tube and pipette and make his/her own chemical reaction. Materials are non-toxic and safe for children to handle indoors. They also change into fantastic colors that wow and amaze! The wide variety of colors that arises during the experiment will lead naturally to a discussion on diversity (human, biological) and its importance.

Students and parents will receive additional resources to continue their exploration at home and in their library.