Growth Mindset: Continue the learning at home


In our programs we encourage and teach children to have a Growth Mindset.  Our progression includes learning what a Growth Mindset is and comparing it to a Fixed Mindset, embracing the Power of Yet, learning how to Embrace Failure, and discovering the joy of Perseverance. We combine lessons on Growth Mindset with Creative STEM activities (such as “wow”-inducing electromagnetic trains) that showcase our effective combination of science content, Life Skills, and hands-on opportunities found in all of our programs.

Everyone can have a Growth Mindset, because you can always learn! You can your children can “grow your minds” with several fun online resources:

– Sing and dance along with Janelle Monae as she sings about the Power of Yet

Watch how having a Growth Mindset helped this skateboarder excel

Watch a video about “Training your Brain”


We like to start our Growth Mindset activities with a math trick that has children symbolically “growing” their minds. The geometry trick involves walking through a piece of paper by taking advantage of surface area and increasing its perimeter. We print a brain on the paper and have children place “can’t…yet” statements inside their expanded paper brains. It’s a great way to get kids to go from saying it “It can’t be done” to “Yes, I can!”

Even adults can walk through a piece of paper with this online template

– Check out other tricks you can do using math and paper

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