Growing Our Minds

Happy New School Year! As we encourage children to expand their abilities and see themselves capable of changing the world, we advocate a growth mindset, so that children see themselves as growing in skills, not just in knowledge.

Our brains are not static, they’re not just an attic.
Don’t just fill them with facts. They’re much more than that!
We can grow our ability, what we can do.
Growth mindset is real, we change – it’s true.
Taking risks, exploring art, that’s only the start,
Always improving is what helps us be smart!

iSchool’s philosophy promotes a growth mindset. We help children realize their intelligences and abilities are not fixed, but rather can grow through effort and experimentation. We challenge children to take risks, embrace failure, be creative in unexpected ways, and set imPOSSIBLE goals. We know that when teachers and students focus on improvement rather than on what they know and whether they are smart, kids learn a lot more. Our programs give them the skills they need to grow and improve – collaboration, communication, confidence, and the ability to handle setbacks.

Join us for the new iSchool Year of Growth – full of fearless challenges, bold discoveries, and the growing number of students that we help to Learn, Dream, and Succeed!



Nuria Gabitova