On #GivingTuesday, Support Compassionate Innovation – and Meet our Match!


iSchool for the Future is an education nonprofit promoting 21st Century Learning and helping children unleash their Inner Genius. We inspire children to become the world’s next generation of Compassionate Innovators through personalized, hands-on, and playful Creative STEM programs.

Our Organizational and Impact Goals include:


– Modifying our 21st Century Life Skills curriculum for preschool and middle school levels

– Offering scholarships to our life-changing summer camps

– Bringing our Creative STEM Family programs to a wider audience

This #GivingTuesday, help children LEARN with Passion

This #GivingTuesday, help children DREAM with Empathy

This #GivingTuesday, help children SUCCEED with Excellence

We are very excited to announce a #GivingTuesday match! Our friend, Joe Parker from In2STEM Solutions, has generously agreed to match our #GivingTuesday donations up to $1000! Please support us and help us meet our match!

Our #GivingTuesday fundraising goals for 2015 include:

Goal 1: Raising $5000 to support program development and scholarships for school break camps

Goal 2: Finding 10 new volunteers to support iSchool’s community programs

– April 1 – Family Science Night at Forestville Elementary School

– April 15 to 17 – USA Science and Engineering Festival

Goal 3: Strengthening the “T” in our STEAM SEL programs through cash or in-kind donations for a Tech Cart:

– 3D Printer
– 3D Pen
– Arduino
– Raspberry Pi
– MakeyMakey
– Robotics
– Drone

Please support us as we inspire the next generation of Compassionate Innovators!