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Our Science Nights receive rave reviews!


Quote from Press Coverage of our Science Nights in the March 4th Edition of the Great Falls Connection:

Forestville’s Principal Todd Franklin said, “With the help of the PTA and iSchool for the the Future, we were able to provide hands-on workshops that incorporated project-based learning. These science nights served as a prime example of how to make learning come alive for children and provided us with an educational extension that will serve as a nice bridge to our upcoming renovation here at Forestville. I am very thankful to be a part of such a caring community that supports the learning process in and outside of the classroom for our students.”


Testimonial from the Forestville Elementary PTA President, Jennisse Silvestri (February 2015):

This year, in celebration of our Renovation for Innovation Theme .. iSchool for the Future, embraced my invitation to provide interactive, fun science nights that would incorporate the elements of a renovation. Our goal was to use the pending renovation as a learning opportunity for our children. iSchool answered the call and prepared four different science nights that incorporated: the demolition process, the rebuild, materials use, and then nature. Each night was unique and the children enjoyed the experiences, learning about force, flight, electricity, water conservation, solid to gas, and much much more! I have always believed that the more senses you incorporate into learning the faster the children will learn and the  more they will remember. iSchool offers exactly that: experiential learning. We were very pleased with their offering and look forward to doing it again next year.

Explore our Past Science Nights


Our Science Nights are no mystery! We document everything we do, provide detailed directions to volunteers, and help schools promote the event.


January 2015 Family Science NIght at Forestville Elementary School. The theme was Waste Not, Want Not, and students learned about innovative uses of materials, alternative energy, and water conservation, among other materials-science based activities. Students also piloted a small drone, explored uses of dry ice bubbles, and used iPads to take “thermal” pictures.


December 2014 Family Science Night at Forestville Elementary School. With a theme of Protect Our World, students learned about their local environment and ways to reduce the impacts of pollution and erosion. Students tested water quality with their own pipettes and test tubes and used online resources to calculate the carbon storage of a real tree.

October 2014 Family Science Night at Forestville Elementary School. In the kickoff to Forestville’s own renovation, we brought a “Coming Down” renovation-themed Science Night to the school. In this event, children explored the science of destruction. Activities included testing earthquake-proof structures, building individual catapults, and using a “wrecking ball.”

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