Fractal Fun – Continue the learning at home


Children love fractals! They are beautiful, entrancing, and relevant to our daily lives because they are found in nature.  Fractals also represent some of the newest, most creative mathematical research being tackled right now by researchers, and thus can inspire creativity in our children! Creativity is an essential 21st Century Life Skill that drives innovation. All of our programs feature open-ended experimentation and plenty of opportunities for creativity.

Fractal Video: Children can never get enough of this video on the Mandelbrot Set. The repetition and music in this video also promotes relaxation before self-reflection.

Variety of Fractals Video: This is a video to help expand children’s minds. It features a variety of fractals.

Koch Fractal: By making fractals children learn about geometry, division, and shapes. Our exclusive Koch Fractal snowflake template is proprietary, but this link will help your child learn more about the famous shape. Want to make the iSchool Snowflake? Register for one of our programs!

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