Mission Possible Student Blog: Fox Mill Tree

My name is Veronika O. I am a student in iSchool for the Future at Fox Mill Elementary School.


At my school, Fox Mill, there is an oak tree that is near the playground. There used to be a little ditch near the tree and when it rained it turned into a mini lake. And at the end of 3rd grade, the place where the tree was off-limits. This year you are allowed to go there and it is much better than it used to be because they made a garden around the tree.


Now more people play there than on the playground. They play there because if it’s a hot day then you can play in the shade of the tree. There is a little path that is made out of rocks and pebbles and you can also find some precious rocks like you can find quartz. Quartz looks like little white crystals. Sometimes if you want to see inside a rock, all you have to do is carefully throw it on another rock and try to crack it open.


Some people dig ditches – tiny holes – and they take acorns and use the rocks to crack them open and they can take out the inside of the acorn and put it into the tiny hole and it can be part of what the are playing. Sometimes people are playing house or something else.

I thought it was very interesting that there is a garden next to the Oak tree and that a lot of people can play there.