Forestville GREEN Schools Science Night: Educational, entertaining, awe-inspiring, and humbling

Friday’s Science Night, offered through a partnership between iSchool and the Forestville PTA, was another in our long line of fun, educational, and community-building events!

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Over 130 children and their families visited 9 stations to explore ways the new Forestville will be Green after its upcoming renovation. Children were particularly surprised and humbled after calculating the amount of trash and water waste they create every year.


The first 5 stations focused on eco-friendly changes coming to Forestville with the renovation. Children used a light reflectance app to explore a Cool Roof, figured out the direction of the school and the benefits of south-facing windows and shades, discovered why natural light and skylights help learning, and were amazed to learn that low-flow fixtures will save a swimming pool full of water every year. An additional station used several interactive technologies such as Scratch Programming, a MakeyMakey Circuit Board, and a Prezi Presentation to introduce the many changes that will qualify Forestville as a Green School.

InnovationWall1_small  EnergyVampire2_small

The remaining 4 stations helped children identify additional changes they can make to be environmentally friendly. They scoured the cafeteria looking for Energy Vampire appliances, identified ways to reduce, reuse, compost, and recycle, and brainstormed innovations to improve Forestville’s environment. Children were awed after doing their own calculations to learn that in a year Forestville produces enough waste to fill the cafeteria 1½ times! A “Passport to Prizes” worksheet motivated children to visit every station and learn more from real-world, place-based, relevant science and math.


Special thanks go to the Forestville Student Government for running the Recycling station. THANK YOU to the 22 Volunteers who made the night possible!


Materials were donated by the Reston Home Depot and Northpoint Giant.

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