Mystery from the trailers

Have you ever thought “Why did this school Forestville Elementary School make extra trailers?” I am going to tell you a story, then the truth.




They had made it because, two years ago, their was a basketball court that was there before the school was being created, and was thought that the blacktop was created by a race of aliens, Bill Cipher (a demon that makes deals that seems good, but there’s a fine print that makes the deals unfair. He also plays games with his demon “friends”), and other demons, but was abandoned when the school was being made. When the new principal found out, he didn’t want anyone to discover it, so the school turned the basketball court into trailers for the school.



The basketball court was torn down because of the renovation that was repairing the damages in the school and was also adding more to it. They needed extra trailers in case more teachers and students came along to Forestville Elementary School, and the blacktop had enough stable, flat land for several more trailers to fit in it.

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Made by Rahul S.