First Renovation for Innovation Science Night packed with action, families, volunteers

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A stranger came up to me in a store on Wednesday and asked if I had been teaching chemistry on Friday night at Forestville. After confirming that yes, I had been there and that I am with iSchool for the Future, I asked him if he had attended the first Renovation for Innovation Science Night. He replied: “I brought the whole family. We had a great time. Thank you for doing that.”

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That sums up the sentiments we have received so far about our very active, very fun, and very packed first Renovation for Innovation Science Night.  There were over 140 children in attendance, and many more parents and siblings.

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Our theme for this first Science Night was “Coming Down!” and it was all about the science behind destruction, de-construction, and messes! And what a mess it was – from catapults tossing projectiles into the air, to walls being knocked down by baseball-wrecking balls, to a paleontology dig complete with real dirt – it was a chance for kids to get their hands dirty while learning about and loving science.  Kids also broke apart molecules with a classic acid-base reaction, created power outages on the grid of a model community, and built – and broke – earthquake proof structures.  Budding scientists also explored their inner selves, with our Scientist Circle (designed to examine multiple intelligences and strengths) and Innovation Wall (which inspired some great new ideas), and explored some innovative technologies such as a 3D printer.  Every single station had hands-on activities and every station targeted Social and Emotional Life Skills and Practices for Scientific Investigation.

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The night would not have been possible without our amazing volunteers. Thank you to our parent volunteers for running each station and inspiring countless children to love science! Thank you also to our loyal iSchool partners, who keep coming back to help!

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The Renovation for Innovation Science Night Series is sponsored by the Forestville PTA. Upcoming Science Nights are scheduled for November 7, December 5, and January 23.  Interested in hosting a Science Night at your school? Email