Enrichment Classes

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Our enrichment classes – either afterschool or during the school day – offer an effective path to improved academic performance and growth in emotional maturity. Every class features a hands-on Creative STEM activity paired with 21st Century Life Skills. Classes may be designed to feature individual topics or conclude with a long-term cohesive project. In every class, some or all lessons will be place-based and specific to the local environment and situation. Classes are for groups of 8-12 students and may be designed for age groups within Pre-K to Grade 8.


iSchool believes that 21st Century Learning is most effective when families are involved. As an added value, iSchool sends communications home after every class summarizing the day’s activities and providing tips for continuing the learning at home. We also document our classes extensively on our blog, in our monthly newsletter, and via social media (Facebook and Twitter), providing additional exposure for your school and community.


Select from one of our existing themes, or customize your own:

  1. Science Magic (biology and chemistry)
  2. Innovation Lab (inventions and physics)
  3. Around the World (geography and cultures)
  4. Superheroes of Science (a tour of the discliplines)


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An Effective Path towards Academic Progress and Emotional Maturity

A parent of a 4th grader shared that her son had gotten better grades than usual on a test. When she asked him why he thought he saw improvement in his scores, he answered that iSchool had taught him to “aim for more.” We believe this is directly connected to our 21st Century Life Skills curriculum. This shows that by focusing on skills development, children can use their smarts, intelligence, and inner genius to their full advantage.


Watch this video highlighting what children learned at iSchool: