Drink Pouch Recycling Results

Results are in!  A few weeks ago iSchool students at Forestville helped the school package and send off used Drink Pouches as part of a TerraCycle Drink Pouch Brigade recycling program. Students got a tour of the school’s boiler room and weighed the bags of pouches, which have been collecting since October 2013.

We thought there were 28 pounds – but it turns out we sent in almost 35 pounds of Drink Pouches for recycling! This is an estimated 3,043 drink pouches!

Good job Forestville Elementary students! You earned 6,086 points, or $60.86 for charity, and you kept 3,043 drink pouches out of a landfill! This helps save natural resources, reduces impacts from global warming and climate change, and keeps landfills from expanding. Special thanks to iSchool students – who are from several local schools – for helping! Check out this video about what happens to used drink pouches.

iSchool students work with Forestville's Custodians to weigh and package drink pouches for recycling.
iSchool students work with Forestville’s Custodians to weigh and package drink pouches for recycling.

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