Thank you for your interest in volunteering with iSchool for the Future. We are a nonprofit organization working to shake up youth education and change the world for the better. We use an exclusive STEAM SEL approach that blends Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, and Social and Emotional Life Skills to build science skills, unleash creativity, and grow emotional intelligence. Our current programs include After-school classes, Family Science Nights, Themed Workshops, School Break Camps, and Community Events. Contact us or Fill out our Volunteer Form to get started.


How you can help:


Family Science Nights: We bring 8-10 stations to venues for 2-hour blocks. Every station is a hands-on STEAM SEL activity. Volunteers set up, take down, or run each station, including interacting with students. Upcoming dates: November 7, December 5, January 23.


Photography and Graphics: Professional photographs and graphics are essential for telling our story and for increasing passion for science and pride in learning.


Help Us Grow: You can help us expand our impact by working with your network and community to find a school, library, community center, or venue to host our programs. We offer both one-time events such as Family Science Nights or Themed Workshops, or ongoing programs such as after-school classes. We can always use help with Grant Writing or Fundraising.


Guest Speaker: Speakers with interesting STEAM SEL stories that can engage young audiences are welcome.


Technology Enhancement: Technology experts who can help us expand the “T” in our STEM offerings are welcome. This may include helping us source equipment, or providing training for iSchool staff. Examples of desired technologies/knowledge are 3D printers, robotics, computer programming, drones, mobile communication advancements, GPS mapping, thermal cameras, photo editing, and/or microscopes.


Professional Development/Mentoring: iSchool staff welcome professional development opportunities and mentoring. Current areas of need are in a) incorporating more engineering and math, b) engaging special needs students in a productive way, c) marketing, d) computer programming, or e) website development.


Curriculum/Technical expertise: We are developing a written curriculum, to include directions/background for Family Science Night activities and lesson plans for our STEAM SEL activities. Review of these documents by experts in the STEAM SEL fields would help us improve accuracy and utility.


Hands-on Help: Every one of our activities is hands-on – so it helps to have more hands to help! We are currently offering After-school classes on Mondays and Wednesdays in Reston and Great Falls. Classes are 1.25 hours long. We can also use extra hands during camps and Family Science Nights.


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