Letter from the Founder

Dear Friend,nuria picture

What does it take to raise a happy child?  What is the secret to unlocking a child’s potential?  How to inspire creativity and innovation?  How to raise a global citizen?  How to prepare a child to be successful in life?

Inspired by my own two children and my passion for learning, I resolved to answer those questions. After conducting an abundant research on child development, learning from a myriad of accomplished and innovative educators, and drawing from my own experiences… I have the answers!

iSchool for the Future is a new concept that I founded as a non-profit organization to educate the young minds and hearts of our new generation. Rooted in the research on how we learn best and how young minds work, our program helps unlock each child’s genius potential, inspire kids to dream big and prepare them for future success.

Individuality and a belief in each child’s unique talents are at the core of our strength-based program. We first launched our Wizards of i engaging science program designed for children ages 6-12, in the summer of 2013.

Now, we want to share it with more students.  I am very excited about bringing our innovative hands-on STEAM SEL TM  program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math with Social and Emotional Life skills) to a larger community and making it available for children ages 4-14 as enrichment programs, workshops and camps.  It  combines hands-on STEM with arts and important Social and Emotional life skills. 

Looking forward to helping our children LEARN, DREAM and SUCCEED in school and in life!



Nuria Gabitova